Liturgy is deeply embedded in the fabric of creation. The creation narrative of Genesis follows a liturgical pattern where God speaks into creation, creation responds to the command of God, God declares that it is good, and then the evening and morning pass. Creation itself is a divine liturgy and God is the cosmic Priest. The creation liturgy of Genesis is the formation of God’s cosmic temple and all His actions within the temple take on a priestly dimension. At the height of God’s cosmic liturgy is the ordination of Adam and His priest of creation. Just as God is the Divine Priest, and Adam is made in His image, so too is Adam a priest. The text reveals the priestly vocation of Adam when he’s placed inside the garden, just as Israel’s priests will enter the temple, and animals are brought to him, just as Israel will bring sacrificial animals to their priests. When God gives Adam dominion over all the earth He effectively offers Adam all of creation as a gift of love. In the act of offering creation to Adam God reveals Himself as the Divine Priest Who took the elements of the earth, transformed them through His Word and Spirit, and then offers them to Adam. As a priest of creation, imaging the Priestly God, Adam is to follow the divine rubrics shown him by taking the elements of the earth, transforming them by Word and Spirit, and to offer them in thanksgiving to God. The earth was made by liturgy for liturgy.